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Happy Birthday, Kitara

I have been trying to get around to writing a this blog post for some time – 49 days to be exact.  Of course, my only excuse is that I have been spending time living with and enjoying playing with my one-year-old than actually sitting down to write about her. Regardless, I wanted to take […]


Kitara is 11 Months Old!

It is hard to believe it, but we have been parents for 11 months.  This means that we will be celebrating Kitara’s first birthday NEXT MONTH.  It is almost impossible to believe.  For as long as I can remember, I have heard various parents speak about how fast time flies by and how quickly kids […]


Kitara is 7 Months Old

After spending loads of time updating my blog and finally getting it the place that I wanted, I was ready to start posting about new and exciting content.  Content that I have not posted about before.  Posts about a plethora of coding topics that will blow your mind.  Posts about the deep insights that I […]


Kitara is Three Months Old

Many of you may be noticing a trend here.  If so, I am sorry.   The good news is that the new site design is around 33% complete and, with the new design, will come a plethora of other content besides snakes and babies.  Until then… MORE BABIES! Ain’t she a gem?


Kitara is Two Months Old

Lately, I have been catching a small amount of static for only posting about snakes and babies.  Well, I intend to get around to posting about other things soon as I have a huge queue built up, but, until then, MORE BABY PICTURES! Crystal and I are trying to take pictures every month to capture […]


Kitara is One Month Old

In celebration of 1 month of Kitara’s having been with us, Crystal and I ran about, trying to take interesting pictures of Kitara to send to the friends and family.  Below are some of the final results. For amateur shooting, I’m pretty happy about the way they turned out. Isn’t she beautiful?  </ProudDad>


Kitara Alexis Blevins is Born

I am happy to say that our first daughter, Kitara Alexis Blevins, was born this last Friday, April 30th, at 3:32 AM.  Though this is only the start of a journey, I feel like, in many ways, that we have already traveled a very long way.  Before I get too deep in the narrative though, […]


Kitara Alexis Blevins – In a New dimension!

Today, Crystal and I were able to get an ultrasound for Kitara ( @babyblevins ).  This was a pretty big deal as we have not been able to justify getting a peek at her for about 2.5 months.  In addition to being generally excited about getting to see our baby girl, there was a little […]


Baby blevins has a name!

Today, Crystal and I were scheduled to have our “anatomy checkup” for @babyblevins . In addition to being poked and prodded to check for eyes, fingers, & toes, this is also the time when the baby’s gender is determined.  Though we were 100% happy w/ whatever came our way, Crystal was in hopes for a […]


On Dreams Fulfilled

It was on the morning of Sunday, August 23.  I remember having a nice dream.  I think I was driving a car down a long road.  The wind was blowing through my hair and I didn’t have a care in the the world.  The sun was shining, the landscape was beautiful, and I was driving […]

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