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DragonCon 2012

After being on a sabbatical from DragonCon for a few years, Crystal and I were able attend this year!  DragonCon is my favorite convention in our area as it incorporates so many of my favorite subject areas, from programing to science fiction to costuming, while also involving a plethora of new people.  Beyond the huge […]


New Endeavors–AnimeRoundup!

I am the kind of person that get easily excited about well… everything.  Of course, this is a good thing, because it means that I am very rarely bored and always find new and excited things to do.  On the other hand,  this is a bad thing as it means that I am always finding […]


New and Exciting Projects–Author Edition

Over the past few months, I have been hard at work. I have underwent several life changes in that I now have a 8 month old daughter and I have retired my contracting business in order to work with a excellent company.  In addition to these changes, I was presented an opportunity to work with […]


The New NathanBlevins.com

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have blogged that title.  Although I would not be completely rich, I would be able to take myself out to a nice place to eat.  Despite this, I am really happy to say that this is a new and improved site.  It was definitely a […]


DragonCon 2009

Well, DragonCon has come and gone this year.  I have to say that I have been looking forward to it for some time and it did not fail to disappoint.  If you are unfamiliar w/ what Dragon Con is, you can read my earlier post about Dragon Con or visit Dragon Con’s website.  Overview I […]


The Perfect Day

My birthday was several weeks ago.  For one of my presents, my wife planned a ‘perfect day’ for me, which involved a ton of my favorite activities as well as some of my favorite people.  Its was a great time and I felt the urge to share some of the pics of the occasion.  Warning:  […]


July 4th at the Blevins’

I am a little late on getting this post out, but I could not let a July 4th past without reliving a few of our exciting moments from this year.  July 4th is perhaps one of my favorite holidays.  It requires no massive prep times, it requires very little financial investment (other than food and […]


You Know You Have Great Friends (for you Dragon Ball fans)

… …  when they go to anime Mecca (otherwise known as MTAC), have an awesome time, and still remember bring you something back.  What is MTAC? MTAC is an annual anime convention that occurs in Nashville, TN.  It is a time when hard-core anime fans can gather together, cosplay, and discuss deep deep issues such […]


Sweeney Todd at TN Theater

The other day, Crystal told me that she had a surprise planned for me and that I was not allowed to plan anything for this Tuesday night (today).  Since I am a sucker for surprises and go WAY out of my way to make sure that I don’t figure them out, I was completely set […]


Halloween Party 2008

Well, Halloween has come and gone this year.  Even though this is most likely my favorite holiday of the year, I managed to allow it to totally slip by without doing all that much.  It is really disappointing.  Generally speaking, there are a number of things that must occur in order to me to consider […]

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