• Happy Birthday, Kitara


I have been trying to get around to writing a this blog post for some time – 49 days to be exact.  Of course, my only excuse is that I have been spending time living with and enjoying playing with my one-year-old than actually sitting down to write about her. Regardless, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect upon the fact that I am now a father of a one year old.

First off, it is something of a cliché at this point to talk about how much time flies.  Everyone talks about  ‘getting old’ and ‘never having enough time’ but, honestly, I had no concept of what they meant until Kitara.  Looking back, I feel as if we were just taking her home from the hospital.  I distinctly remember that feeling of panic and awe over the fact that these people left the care of this precious, amazing life in a bumbling fool’s possession.  What were they thinking?  Now, Kitara is saying a plethora of words, toddling about the house, learning how to manipulate everything from remote controls to her father, and is developing more of a personality every day.  When did all this happen?  It’s an amazing process.

The pictures below are in sequence, each within a month of two of each other, of the past year’s worth of Kitara growing up.

Mushroom Giraffe
RedShirt Kitara Halloween 2
Eyes SnowPose
Dress 12 Months 2

Looking back, I have to say that there were several key milestones during the first year of her life.  Roughly speaking they fell into:

  • 3 Months – When she developed a neck.
  • 6 Months – When she discovered feet, hands, and objects around her.
  • 9 Months – When she learned to crawl and speak.
  • 12 Months – When she learned to walk and started to develop a personality. 

At this point, we are really able to do almost everything with her.  She eats our own food (just smaller bites), she drinks whole milk rather than formula, and she is able to appreciate many of the same things that I do, including playing outside, animals, cartoons, etc.  In general, she is becoming a little person with her own ideas and behaviors – some of which are sometimes rather amazing.  Just today, she decided that she was going to start blowing kisses at people.  I have NO CLUE where she picked that up as Crystal and I never practiced that with her.  Its amazing how small things can sometimes have lasting impressions.  Of course, her random memory is not always a good thing as I am pretty sure she has already said her first curse word (a few times) as well as managed to pick up “shut-up”.  Thankfully she does not know what they mean yet.

Here a few pictures during her 12th month.

Bubbles Cat & Grass
Grass Daddy & Daughter
Smash Cake 2 Balloons

All in all, I have to say that it has been a great year.  The time has flown but, honestly, I can’t remember a time in which I felt more alive.  I can’t even imagine a time when I did not have a child depending upon me.  It’s a good thing to be needed – if a little stressful.

Finally, Crystal and I must be loving it quite a bit as we recently discovered that #2 is on the way!  Rather than announcing it via the blog this time, we waiting until Kitara’s birthday party to tell our friends and family the great news.  Kitara is going to have a sibling and I am going to be the father of 2 screaming children now.  If I had any hope of trying to recover some of the precious hair on the top of my head, I think it is gone now. 

Nevertheless, I guess its worth it though.  Lovin’ it.