• You Know You Have Great Friends (for you Dragon Ball fans)


… …  when they go to anime Mecca (otherwise known as MTAC), have an awesome time, and still remember bring you something back.  :)

What is MTAC?

MTAC is an annual anime convention that occurs in Nashville, TN.  It is a time when hard-core anime fans can gather together, cosplay, and discuss deep deep issues such as “what Gendo Ikari actually said to Ritsuko” or “Ed’s a woman?!?!”.  The event attracts all kinds of persons, including great bands like the Slants, Man Power, and Notorious MSG as well as voice actors, artists, vendors, etc. 

Every year, many of the other Knoxville folk go to MTAC, touting the banner of Chainsaw Buffet (you have to experience the site to understand it).  While there, they try to interview the bands, do real-time reviews of the latest and greatest in anime, and heckle the talent for the sake of media and entertainment.  Although I keep telling myself that I am going to join them ‘next time’, I always seem to miss the boat and the good times. 

Check out some of this year’s exploits:

Meanwhile…  (back to the main story)

If you spend any time around me whatsoever, you will find out that I am a huge Dragon Ball fan.  Dragon Ball is one of those shows that has the perfect mix of humor, action, and insanity that keeps me laughing but also excited about the progression of events.   Even though it has some well deserved criticism concerning some epically long power-up scenes *cough* Namek Saga *cough*, I appreciate the show as a great piece of staple anime as well as fighting anime at its best.  For me, the main draw of Dragon Ball is in its characters and their development.  How can you not love the self-centered Bulma, the innocent Goku, prideful Vegeta, and, of course, the perverted Master Roshi?  (TBH, I aspire to be an old man like Master Roshi someday – don’t tell Crystal)  It is exciting to watch the characters grow and develop especially through all 473+ episodes and movies, lol.

Of the characters in Dragon Ball, one of the most intriguing is Krillin.  Although he is neither the strongest nor the smartest, he time and again proves his loyalty by sticking by his friends’ side through thick and thin.  He is a character that is distinctly human who strives to be as good as possible, but is willing to admit doubt, fear, and, sometimes, a certain amount of deviousness.  He is simply a very fun character who I feel that I can easily relate with.  Of course, Krillin’s shining moment was the scene in which he convinces Master Roshi to train Goku and him by offering an ‘even exchange’.

So, as I was saying before, the ‘gang’ brought back an excellent gift, which was in homage to my Dragon Ball obsession.  The gift was a signed original drawing of Krillin, drawn by Sonny Strait (the American voice actor of Krillin).  It is really friggin’ cool! 


Not only that, but Charlie (one of the more vocal Chainsaw Buffet’ers) was able to get Sonny to give the CB some props (which I had to embed here). 

Chainsaw Buffet Post

Anyway, I just wanted to take a quick moment to share my awesome MTAC gift and to put a bit of Dragon Ball love out on the interwebs. 

John, Jen, Dylan, et all – Thanks for the awesome gift!  I really do appreciate it.