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About Nathan Blevins

If you are looking for the official “about Nathan Blevins”:

Nathan Blevins is a husband and father who has been working in application development for the past 10 years. Always intrigued by logical puzzles, mechanics, and problem solving, Nathan found his calling in software development and has been playing at work ever since. Living by Hubbard’s philosophy of “work to become, not to acquire”, Nathan has devoted himself to being a lifetime student, also working within the community as a speaker, educator, and overall technology enthusiast. Nathan has worked with a myriad of national and local businesses via his personal consulting company, Blevins Consulting.

Though his career began on the open source development stack in languages such as PHP and Python, Nathan’s main focus has been on Asp.Net & C# development since 2004.  During the past few years, Nathan’s work has included mobile development platforms such as Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7.  Currently, Nathan is involved in the community as:

  • Member of the Asp.Net Insiders
  • Vice President of the ETNUG (East TN .Net User’s Group)
  • Co-Founder of KnoXNA, lead of Robotics initiative
  • Public Speaker on Technology Topics

If you would like to get into contact with Nathan Blevins, please feel free to contact him through this his blog at nathanblevins.com .

Aside from work, I spend my time w/ my wife, daughter, 3 cats, and boa constrictor. My personal interests include: robotics, scifi & fantasy topics, motorcycle riding, woodworking, and watching a ridiculous amount of anime. Some of my favorites pics!

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